Rural development through governance of multifunctional agricultural land use.  An interdisciplinary collaboration within the RURAGRI ERA-NET (EU-FP7)

MULTAGRI will investigate how governance of agricultural landscapes can promote rural development by harnessing landscape and biological diversity as assets that synergistically promote the production of public goods and sustained intensive agricultural production.


  • Determining empirically the spatial scale affecting a number of key farmland ecosystem services
  • Determining synergies and trade-offs between production of public goods and generation of supporting/regulating ecosystem services.
  • Valuing ecosystem services and public goods produced by European farms as a result of ecological intensification.
  • Modelling how payments for public goods and ecosystem services will affect regional agricultural development.
  • Assessing the multi-level governance system under which European farmers operate to under- stand how and why farmers choose to adopt specific management actions at farm and landscape scales.
  • Evaluating how European agricultural policies can contribute to more sustainable farming systems with payments for public goods and ecosystem services.
  • Disseminating project results effectively to both the scientific community and to stakeholders, particularly policy makers and farmers, but even the general public.

MULTAGRI is a collaborative ERA-NET consortium, coordinated by Lund University  (→ MULTAGRI consortium homepage). Our research group co-ordinates Work Package 5 on the Governance challenges to encourage landscape-scale uptake of appropriate management actions.

Team: Jens Newig, Joern Fischer, Julia Leventon, Tamara Schaal, Sarah Velten


Leventon, J., Schaal, T., Velten, S., Loos, J., Fischer, J., & Newig, J. (2019). Landscape-scale biodiversity governance: Scenarios for reshaping spaces of governance. Environmental Policy and Governance, 29(3), 170-184.

Leventon, J., Schaal, T., Velten, S., Dänhardt, J., Fischer, J., Abson, D.J., Newig, J. (2017). Collaboration or fragmentation? Biodiversity management through the common agricultural policy. Land Use Policy 64, 1–12. doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2017.02.009

Ekroos J., Leventon J., Fischer J., Newig J., & Smith H. G. (2017). Embedding evidence on conservation interventions within a context of multi‐level governance. Conservation Letters 10(1), 139-145 [free open access content].

Leventon, J., Newig, J., Schaal, T. & S. Velten (2016). Governance approaches to address scale issues in biodiversity management – current situation and ways forward. MultAgri Policy Brief. MULTAGRI. 03/2016.

Velten S., Leventon J., Jager N., & Newig J. (2015). What Is Sustainable Agriculture? A Systematic Review. Sustainability 7, 7833–7865.  doi:10.3390/su7067833. [Free Open Access Content]

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