Judith Kahle

Judith Kahle

Judith Kahle, a human ecologist by training, is working as a research associate at Leuphana University since September 2013.  In her work she focuses on evaluation research and sociology of science: Within the MONA-research project she is investigating research modes and outcomes of sustainability-related science.


since October 2015: teaching transdisciplinary research methods

since 2013: Research associate in the research project MONA at Leuphana University

2012: Internship at FiBL and bioRe India in Kasrawad, implementation of a participatory study on pest management in the cultivation of organic cotton and soy beans

2010-12: Master of Science in Human Ecology: Culture, Power and Sustainability at Lund University, Malmö University, in Sweden, as well at Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany

2010 – Internship at Robin Wood, Hamburg; co-organizing a campaign on protection of primary forests in Tasmania, Australia as well as inquiry on sustainability and profitability of short-rotation plantations

2006-10: Bachelor of Science in Biology at Bremen University, Germany, with a focus on Ecology



Jahn, S., Newig, J., Lang, D. J., Kahle, J., & Bergmann, M. (2022). Demarcating transdisciplinary research in sustainability science—Five clusters of research modes based on evidence from 59 research projects. Sustainable Development, 30( 2), 343– 357 [free open access content].


Newig, J., Jahn, S., Lang, D. J., Kahle, J., & Bergmann, M. (2019). Linking modes of research to their scientific and societal outcomes. Evidence from 81 sustainability-oriented research projects. Environmental Science and Policy, 101, 147-155 [Free Open Access Content].


Kahle, J., Risch, K., Wanke, A. & Lang, D. (2018). Strategic Networking for Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Two Case Studies in Higher Education. Sustainability, 10(12), 4646 [free open access content].

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