Pim Derwort

Derwort, Pim

Pim Derwort has been a PhD student at Leuphana University since October 2015 and is a member of the project Leverage Points for Sustainability.

As part of the RESTRUCTURE working-group, Pim is focusing on the institutional dynamics in sustainability transformation from a policy and governance perspective. Over the course of this PhD, his focus will specifically be on processes of institutional change in energy systems.


2015: Internship at the Scientific Council for Government Policy in The Hague, Netherlands

2013-2015: Master of Science in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University, Sweden

2010: Volunteering at Action for Sustainability Manchester, UK

2009-2010: Master of Arts in Development Studies at Manchester University, UK.

2008: Internship at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus

2006 – 2009: Bachelor of Arts in European Studies at Maastricht University, Netherlands.



Derwort, P., Jager, N., & Newig, J. (2021 – in press). How to Explain Major Policy Change Towards Sustainability? Bringing Together the Multiple Streams Framework and the Multilevel Perspective on Socio-Technical Transitions to Explore the German “Energiewende”. Policy Studies Journal, 1-29 [free open access content].


Derwort, P., Jager, N., & Newig, J. (2019). Towards productive functions? A systematic review of institutional failure, its causes and consequences. Policy Sciences, 52(2), 281–298.

Newig, J., Derwort, P., & Jager, N. W. (2019). Sustainability through institutional failure and decline? Archetypes of productive pathways. Ecology and Society, 24(1), 18 [Free Open Access Content].