Benedetta Cotta

Cotta, BenedettaBenedetta Cotta holds a PhD in Political Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence (Italy). In her doctoral dissertation she investigated  the process of implementation “on the ground” of European directives in Hungary and Poland with a special attention to the mechanisms that influenced a sustainable adaptation to the European environmental legislation.

She currently works as Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the GOVERNECT project and joined the working group in July 2017.


07/2017-Present: Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Leuphana University Luneburg, Germany.

2/2017-4/2017: Adjunct Faculty at CAPA, Global Education Network, Florence, Italy (Course taught: EU Environmental Policy and Natural Resources).

11/2016: Guest lecturer on EU Environmental Policy, Kent State University, Florence, Italy.

9/2016-12/2016:  Adjunct Instructor in Political Science, Gonzaga In Florence, Gonzaga University, Florence, Italy (Course taught: International Relations).

4/2016: Guest lecturer on research design and qualitative methodology, University of Catania, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Italy.

09/2010-1/2016: Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, 50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy.



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