Nadine Schröder


I am interested in especially water and soil issues from a governance perspective as well as from a technical point of view. I have a background in both of them due to my master studies (Integrated natural resource management/ Environmental engineering). I enjoy getting new perspectives especially on dimensions of environmental sciences through interdisciplinary work.

In my PhD I investigate how polycentric governance structures influence the local implementation of the EU Water Framework: how river basin management is realized, how sector integration functions, how the public participates in those processes, which barriers hamper implementation and how the structure and processes relate to the implementation progress. I focus on water governance cases from several German Bundesländer which follow different implementation strategies.



04/2016-05/2016 Visiting Scholar at Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis (Indiana University Bloomington) funded by Hans-Böckler-Foundation and IRI THESys

Since 04/ 2015 Member of the IRI THESys Graduate Program (Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Since 01/2015 PhD on „Polycentricity and the Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in Germany“ (since 04/2017 at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Research Group Governance, Participation & Sustainability) funded by Hans-Böckler-Foundation (since 04/2016)

04/2011 – 02/2015 Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Technische Universität Berlin (Thesis: „Untersuchung zur Belastung des Halensee unter Berücksichtigung möglicher diffuser Stoffeinträge“)

10/2010 – 08/2014 Master of Science in Integrated Natural Resource Management at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Thesis: “Die Umsetzung der Wasserrahmenrichtlinie in Berlin und Hamburg. Vergleich der Ansätze zur Maßnahmenausarbeitung. Der Einfluss lokaler Bedingungen.“) funded by Hans-Böckler-Foundation

08/2009-09/2009 Internship on environmental policy and public participation at Department of Environmental Science and Technology at Tokyo Institute of Technology

06/2009-08/2009 International Summer Campus at Korea University (Seoul, South Korea)

03/2009-06/2009 Internship on oil spills and river renaturation at Department of Environment and Ecology of Chungnam Development Institute (Gongju, South Korea)

10/2008 – 12/2011 Bachelor of Science Environmental Engineering at Technische Universität Berlin (Thesis: „Möglichkeiten der Depositionsmessung von Gasen, Aerosolen und Niederschlägen“)

10/2007 – 12/2010 Bachelor of Arts East Asian Studies / Korean Studies with minor in Political Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin (Thesis: „’Lessons Learned’ – Öl-Katastrophen in Korea und Japan: Hebei Spirit und Nakhodka“) funded by Hans-Böckler-Foundation


Connect with me at:

nadine.schroeder (at)




Schröder, N. J. S., Chaudhary, N. (2020). Trapped between barriers OR Flowing despite barriers? THESys Discussion Paper No. 2020-2. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Pp. 1-13. (here available or here: [Free Open Access Content: A scientific Comic – See ‘Activities’ for slides on the process of creation].

Schröder, N. J. S., Chaudhary, N. (2020). WRRL-Umsetzungshürden: Unpassierbar oder durchgängig für Maßnahmenträger? THESys Discussion Paper No. 2020-1. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany. S. 1-13. (hier verfügbar oder hier:


Blomquist, W., Schröder, N. J. S. (2019). Seeing Polycentrically. Examining Governance Situations Using a Polycentricity Lens. In: Thiel, A., Blomquist, W., Garrick, D. E. (Eds.). Governing Complexity: Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity (Cambridge Studies in Economics, Choice, and Society). Cambridge. Cambridge University Press: pp. 45-64.

Schröder, N. J. S. (2019). IWRM through WFD Implementation? Drivers for Integration in Polycentric Water Governance Systems. Water, 11(5), 1063. [Free Open Access Content].


Özerol, G., Vinke-de Kruijf, J., Brisbois, M. C., Flores, C. C., Deekshit, P., Girard, C., Knieper, C., Mirnezami, S. J., Ortega-Reig, M., Ranjan, P., Schröder, N. J. S., & Schröter, B. (2018). Comparative studies of water governance: a systematic review. Ecology and Society, 23(4), 43. [Free Open Access Content].

Schröder, N. J. S. (2018). The Lens of Polycentricity: Identifying polycentric governance systems illustrated through examples from the field of water governance. Environmental Policy and Governance, 28(4).


Schröder, N. J. S. (2014): Die Umsetzung der Wasserrahmenrichtlinie in Berlin und Hamburg – Vergleich der Ansätze zur Maßnahmenausarbeitung. Der Einfluss lokaler Bedingungen. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Available at



Organizer: International Workshop on “Rethinking the Governance of European Water Protection” at UFZ Leipzig, 8th-9th January 2019              

Presentation on World Water Day, WFD Review Seminar of Grüne Liga, Berlin, 22nd March 2019 [auf Deutsch]

Presentation on creating a scientific Comic on local barriers for WFD implementation in Germany 17.01.2020 at IRI THESys Humboldt University

Für ver.di: Der Leitfaden zur Überprüfung der Wasserrahmenrichtlinie bietet einen Überblick zu veröffentlichten Positionen der verschiedenen Akteure 2019

DWA Presentation at “Erfurter Gespräche zur Wasserrahmenrichtlinie” 22.01.2020 on “Umsetzungshürden im Alltag – Ursachen, Folgen, Abhilfen?” [auf Deutsch]

Conference Presentations

IASC (International association for the Study of the Commons) 2019 in Lima, Peru: “Assessing multiplication limitations of participatory governance in polycentric water governance Systems”

WOW6 (Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop) 2019 in Bloomington, USA: “Limitations to effects of participatory governance in polycentric arrangements illustrated through examples from water governance”

NESS (Nordic Environmental Social Science) 2019 in Luleå, Sweden: “Bright spots for local WFD implementation through collaboration with nature conservation authorities?”

Rethinking the Governance of European Water Protection 2019 in Leipzig, Germany: “EU Water Framework Directive in Germany: Processes of success and failure in polycentric governance systems”

IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons) 2017 in Utrecht, Netherlands: “Drivers, obstacles – triggers for cooperation in local polycentric governance systems?”